Monday, June 18, 2012

A Sneak Peek Into My New Classroom!

Okay, can I just say that I absolutely LOVE my new classroom?? I do! As much as I enjoyed and took pride in my 1st Grade classroom, it was in the (very) old part of the school building and it smelled like it. I seriously had 3 candle warmers in my room and my little friends loved smelling “birthday cake” and “blueberry cheesecake” all day long. Honestly, I couldn’t smell anything unless I actually stood BY the candle :)

In my old room, I had to be resourceful. I remember walking into my very first classroom at this school.The school just went through a big split and teachers that left for the new school basically took most things that weren't bolted down to the floor :( I was given 5 big rectangular tables, chairs, a box of random books, and random and mismatched furniture. That was it. I had to beg, borrow, trade, and sometimes steal (shhh…) for shelves and cubbies. It's okay, teachers do that.

My walls were dark blue and dark orange carpeting. Yes, CARPET covered my walls. My back wall was supposedly removable. My furniture was mismatched, old, and bought at yard sales and thrift stores. I stole my husband’s shoe rack to put math blocks in and my mom’s dress rack to hang poems on. It took a very long time for my classroom to get it organized to how I wanted it to be.

Anyway, in 2nd grade, I am now in the new part of the building. When I walked into my new classroom, I thought I died and gone to teacher heaven!! Cubby boxes! Shelves! Drawers! Cabinets! And a lot of them! Everywhere I looked, I could put something somewhere and it would be HIDDEN from view. This is a gorgeous room. Oh boy, I am going to be spoiled!

Want to know the absolute BEST PART of my room? It's in my FAVORITE color: Green! Yay! Heaven I tell ya!

Anyway, here are pics of my new room. I haven't moved in yet and this is still the previous teacher's room. When I get done setting up my classroom library, centers, and everything else, I will post more pics. Here they are!

My new home-away-from-home! Goodbye carpeted walls! :)

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