Sunday, June 24, 2012

Creating Classroom File Labels

Last week was an incredibly busy week!! I signed my little 3-year-old up for twice-a-week swimming lessons and it was my husband's birthday yesterday. I've also been so busy setting up my own classroom (The Green Room) and helping my friend Ana set up her classroom. We've been working hard and are putting the finishing touches in her room! Lots of good changes and I will post pics soon!

Also, this past week, I was able to arrange my own classroom furniture around because the carpets have been shampooed! Yippee! Although it is still looking like a war zone in there, it's progressing slowly but surely. I have also been working on the insanely HUGE task of organizing my files. After switching grade levels, I needed to sort and throw out files and things I won't be needing in 2nd grade, so I decided to create new labels for my files and labels for my room! 

Also, two days ago, on Friday, there was a HUGE fire on the mountains behind our home! The fire burned almost 6,000 acres. 250 homes were evacuated and we were one of those families :( My husband was at work and I was packing for my little family until he came home. It was so scary! While on evacuation and waiting for the evac order to be lifted, I worked on files in my classroom. Crazy teacher!!

I have been playing around with different fonts, images, backgrounds, and learning different picture layering techniques to create my own labels. Here they are! What do you think? 

I created these labels to place around my room such as on cupboard doors and shelves. They are 3x3 inches. I will get these laminated and glued on. I think they would really complement the green wall in my room because there would be hints of green throughout the room.


Also, as mentioned in a previous post, I used these label templates to create my binder labels and spines. I will arrange my binders in different sections of my filing cabinets and shelves grouped by file types (colors). 

I customized my labels by: 
  • changing the fonts and font size
  • size of actual label
  • changing the graphics
  • adding my name on the bottom of the labels



  • Green: Teacher Files          
  • Blue: Holidays                 
  • Red: Math                                                                                          
  • Orange: Reading           
  • Yellow: Writing             
  • Purple: Science
  • Blue: Social Studies 
They will look like this (as seen in previous post, Cleaning Up the Clutter).


To go along with my green and white polka dots with blue accents classroom theme, I bought an alphabet chart that will totally fit in my room. I was so excited to add this to the space above my main white boards because it isn't too tall, unlike other letter posters I've had in the past. The only thing I didn't like about this poster was that the numbers poster was tiny! I mean, like 3 feet in length! I will have to put this tiny, tiny poster on my math bulletin board and not above the letters poster :(

I got this here! Also, my matching green and white borders finally came in! I was able to finish the borders on my other bulletin boards
Anyway, these are the things that have kept me busy this past week (other than the fire)! I am looking forward to a more calm and evacuation-free week! 

Please let me know what you think by commenting below and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE follow me on this blog! I feel a little lonely on here sometimes ;) I would really like to meet more teachers, former teachers, aspiring teachers, and anyone! 

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  1. Your labels are adorable!

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