Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome to 2nd Grade, Mrs. P.!

Last week, I chose to turn my world upside-down.
On purpose.

When I walked into my first grade classroom last Wednesday morning, little did I know that in exactly an hour and a half, I would be making an important, life-altering (for me) decision.

This was the conversation I had last week with my principal. I saw her standing outside the school office. With 5 minutes left of recess, our little chat went like this:

Mrs. P. - Hello principal! So, are there any job openings right now?

Principal - Yep! 2nd grade. You want it?

Mrs. P. - Would you ever consider me? (almost jokingly.)

Principal - Sure! It's yours! I can take it off the job board now!

Mrs. P. - Yes!

(Principal walks into her office to what I assume was "taking the job off the job board").

So there I was, at 9:14 a.m., standing in disbelief, in front of the school office. I did not really understanding what just happened there. I guess I was now a second grade teacher?

As I walked back to my classroom at the other end of the school, I continued the remainder of the school day in a daze. The next day, I felt like a shaken soda pop can ready to explode and tell the entire world (well, maybe the faculty) what I just did; I was so excited!

Did I just trade in my sanctuary and home-away-from home for a world unknown? But I love my classroom! I love first grade! This was my 6th year teaching 1st grade (7, if you count student teaching) years, and it was the perfect fit for me. It was all I knew, and dare I say, I was actually GOOD at it?

I thought of all the countless hours I spent sheet-protecting each file master for every activity and holiday in first grade, cutting sets of laminated file folder games, and labeling everything in my room.

Am I willing to give it ALL up? 
The answer is, and continues to be as of today, YES.

It helps to know that I am passing my beloved materials to an awesome teacher whom I know will treat my things with respect and love, and with the understanding that they are on loan (her words, I promise!) But I am hoping to love 2nd grade sooooo much that I will never have to ask for everything back after next school year ha ha!

But really, wanna know a major reason I'm moving? Next school year, one of my very, very, very best teacher friends will be staying home to be with her babies. Also, two teachers from our 1st grade team are leaving to teach out-of-state and elsewhere. I know that I personally need the change to help keep my mind off the fact that I am losing 3 really good friends. Basically, my support system and lifelines in the crazy world of teaching are leaving and I just cannot handle that! I am a wreck!

I needed change. So I chose my own change.

I created this blog because I would like to document my journey as a new second grade teacher. I want to share the many challenges and successes I will face in the upcoming school year as I learn a new core curriculum, learn to work with a new team, and get to know my new students.

I am filled with hope that I made the right decision. I am excited to write a new chapter in my teaching career. I am nervous to see if I can do this. Please join me in my new adventure in 2nd grade and learning more about Mrs. P. and the 2nd grade Sweet Peas!

Last week, I chose to turn my world upside-down.
I think I did the right thing.
I'll let you know next May.
Until then, Welcome to 2nd Grade, Mrs. P.!