Monday, June 18, 2012

I Can...Be Organized!

Yay! It's summer!

I love summer because not only do I get to do whatever I want to my kids want to do for a couple of months, I also look forward to August (or September) when we, as teachers, are given a fresh, new start!

My summers are spent with my own kiddos, but during their nap time, I catch up on my t.v. shows (Suits and Big Bang Theory!) and also think about how the new school year will go. Yes, I can't stop thinking about school. I'm crazy.

I enjoy creating new things and revamping my classroom each summer so I can make my life easier for the upcoming school year. I like my classroom to be clean, organized, matching, and most things to be accessible and easy for my little friends and I to use. Sometimes I’m at school longer than I’m at my own home, so I definitely need to feel comfortable and feel like it is my sanctuary!

The posts on this page will feature organization tips that I have incorporated into my classroom and you're welcome to see how I do things in class. I wish that when I was a new teacher 7 years ago, someone helped me figure out the importance of keeping everything in order. I hope I can help you out too!

Please check back here to see pictures of how I'm arranging my new classroom, unit files, my classroom library, etc.!

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  1. Hi Joelle, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I would love to be a follower. You need to install that great little "Follow this Blog" gadget in your sidebar. I've been teaching for 7 years as well and am always trying to get just a bit more organized each year!


    1. Hi Maria! Thank you for the kind words and THANK YOU for being my very first comment! :) I'm a little shy about old and new friends following my blog, since I've never made one before and there are lots to learn! But since I know you will, I'll do it! ;) Take care!